Several brands and manufacturers have successfully implemented the UPMADE® system to create industrially upcycled clothing and textile goods. Read our case studies below to find out how they are using the UPMADE® process.


Sangar is an Estonian family business designing and producing dress shirts in-house since 1956. Sangar has decided to use their leftovers as much as possible. For this reason, Sangar obtained UPMADE® Certification in September 2016 and created the AUS/SANGAR special upcycled collection.


Up-shirts are 100% upcycled t-shirts. Since each Up-shirt saves an average of 91% water and produces 85% less CO2 emissions, you can easily call them the tees with the tiniest environmental footprint available. All the shirts are designed by Reet Aus. Up-shirts have been produced for the Estonian Song and Dance Festival in 2014 (23,000 Up-shirts!), the Festival of Opinion Culture (in 2014, 2015, 2016), the Estonian Fund for Nature, Nordea Bank, F-Hoone restaurant, and numerous other corporations.


Bangladesh Export-Import Company or Beximco is one of the biggest apparel manufacturers in South-East Asia – producing over 200 million garments every year. Beximco was the first manufacturer to receive UPMADE® Certificate for their woven and jersey production lines in January 2015. Mountains of leftover textiles that usually get dumped into a landfill are now partly upcycled into additional fashion collections.

Reet Aus

The collections of fashion designer Reet Aus are made by implementing the UPMADE® method in the early stages of the mass production process. This has improved efficiency and reduced environmental impact — each produced item uses an average of 70% less water and 88% less energy compared to a regular product. Selling in Europe as well as in the U.S., the Reet Aus brand is a pioneer in turning industrial leftovers into sustainable fashion.


Furniture manufacturer Softrend started a collaboration with UPMADE® to create an upcycled sofa cushion collection and parallel upcycled products for their upholstered product lines. The covers and fillings of these products are made from materials that would otherwise be discarded. Softrend is currently in process of obtaining UPMADE® Certification.

Kishor Exports

Kishor Exports is a family-owned manufacturer in India, who produces organic apparels & home textile products. Kishor Exports obtained UPMADE® Certificate in March 2017.

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