UPMADE® Certification begins with the manufacturer’s provision of waste and production analysis using the UPMADE® Software. UPMADE® visits the factory to implement process changes prior to production. In order to receive UPMADE® Certification, an independent auditor verifies that all criteria has been met. After certification, the producer is ready to start using the UPMADE® Software to manufacture UPMADE®-certified upcycled garments for a dedicated Brand. UPMADE® Certification is valid for three (3) years, during which time at least one random audit of the factory is conducted to ensure compliance.


  • UPMADE® Certification provides independent assurance of a manufacturer’s capacity to produce quality, upcycled products.

  • Upcycling reduces waste which leads to energy, water and other savings by avoiding new material production.

  • Certification ensures that the highest labour and chemical standards are met.